Why us?


We firmly believe that if you do something yourself, you’ll probably do it better. What started as printing cards with a desktop printer, grew out to be one of the most sophisticated card manufacturers in Europe. With a high tech production facility in Ypres, equipped with the most modern machines in card production, we do everything in house. From producing cards to complex mailings, our team does its very best to make sure your project is successful.

Local partner.

Because we do everything in house, we are much less dependent from third parties. We support short-chain economics (in our case Europe), which means that we always buy our raw materials from regulated European suppliers. Because we control everything ourselves, we can intervene quickly when needed to keep the chain as short as possible without compromising on quality.


Good customer experience starts with good and consistent quality. This applies to both the product and the supplier. Because we do everything ourselves, we maintain total control over which materials and which machines we use. Constant research & development is being done to find new methods of production, new ideas, possibilities and ofcourse products. That way we not only improve the final product, but also ourselves as a business.

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