Green energy.

In 2009, we decided to invest in green energy. The roofs of our offices and production site, a total of about 3000m², are fully covered with solar panels. These solar panels generate about 40% of our total energy needs. The rest is being generated by the nearby windmill park.

The heat generated by our cooling installations and compressors is recovered with the aid of a CHP cogeneration system and is used to warm up the inside space. All rainwater is recovered and reused as well.

Building management system.

In order to control all production processes, our entire production facility is equipped with our own building management system. Where others choose for a simple solution, we have extended this as far as possible in our company. This includes managing access control, camera surveillance, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. On top of that, this system includes Artificial Intelligence to manage everything in order to have an optimal efficiency by means of external factors such as temperature, humidity and internal factors such as the machines in action, products....

This allows us to analyse consumption, quickly detect errors, make reports and switch installations on or off. This way, defects are fixed quickly and waste of electricity, heat and water is minimalised.