Local supplier.

In recent years, in our industry, competition from the East has increased considerabl. The market is flooded with products of dubious quality, that are often produced in questionable working conditions. We are still surprised that fake products are being displayed, while data security and data protection are of crucial importance in this day and age.

Because we believe in a strong market position by offering quality products, we have chosen to partner up with certified, European supplier. This does not only boost our economy, it also benefits the environment.


PVC is a much used thermoplastic polymer. Modern improvers in the material make PVC very resistant to both aerobic and anaerobic natural degradation. That is the reason why plastics have such a negative impact on our immediate surroundings and on landfills.

As an alternative for this polluting material, we have developed cards that consist of biodegradable PVC. Enzymes have been added to these cards that, when released into water or compost, naturally break down the polymer. This process can take up to 9 months to 5 years, but there will be no trace of PVC left.  


PET consists of polyester, which is heat resistant and more sustainable than PVC. Due to this strong composite, it is very unlikely that your cards will fold, break or melt when exposed to high temperatures. To be able to laminate these cards properly, glycol (G) has been added. This ensures a lower melting temperature and permanent transparency, which is useful for thermoforming.

These cards are completely PVC-free and are just like your PET water bottle, 100% recyclable. To top it off, these cards feel and look just like PVC-cards.

Together with our partners in 2020, we developed an even more ecological product consisting of 92% recycled PETG. This is PETG waste from the medical sector and offers the same sustainable characteristics as regular PETG.