Syx Graphics becomes SG Technologies.

When Syx Graphics was founded in 2007, there was a twofold focus on the digital printing business on the one hand and the technology partner for RFID cards and identification solutions on the other. Our name perfectly reflected us in the early days, but times are changing, and the digital printing business is long gone.

However, we notice that we are often viewed as an ordinary printing company and we absolutely want to get rid of that image. We do everything in-house, and although it is an indispensable step in our production process, card production involves much more than just printing. That is why henceforth, we shall operate under the name SG Technologies.

This new name includes everything we stand for: TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION.

To continue to give shape to our national and international ambitions and to guarantee continuous growth, we have invested a great deal in our future lately. The most important investment we made is the investment in our branding and everything we stand for. From the beginning, quality, service and technology have always come first. The greatest strength of Syx Graphics is that we keep everything in-house, from the production processes to the development of our various software solutions.

In the digital age, where data security is becoming increasingly more important, smart cards and the chips they use are becoming more complex and secure. In concrete terms, for manufacturers like us, this means that we have to invest in know-how, machinery and R&D. Our experience and capabilities are all the more evident in the face of technological challenges. We feel like a fish in the water when things such as encoding, scripting, databases, encryption, API, ... are on the table. That is why our new slogan will be “We master the art of data”.

We are not only expanding at product level, we have also taken steps at company level to ensure our future and to evolve into a total solutions provider. For example, the Syx family is keen to making strategic acquisitions in addition to organic growth. In 2019, we acquired a majority stake in Automated product Services (APS), a manufacturer of passport photo booths operating in the public sector. They automate the making of passport photos, completely in accordance with ICAO standards. More information can be found at

Finally, in order to serve our Northern neighbors faster and better, we founded Syx Graphics Netherlands last year. Within SG Technologies we now have some brothers and sisters to help face the future.

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