VZW Zonnekamp

Sponsoring charity

Our members are a very diverse audience. There are younger members but the older people are just as much welcome. Even people who are bound to a wheelchair or people who have a severe disability can enjoy Zonnekamp in all its glory. Some of them are still students, but even families are more than welcome. Nobody is excluded and everyone does their utter best to make it an unforgettable camping trip.

Our kitchen staff gives the best of themselves, time and time again to make sure everyone is satisfied.

Our leadershipteam includes a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers. 

And ofcourse don't forget the nursing staff.


Our role

In the light of corporate social responsibility, we like to give back to the people who give the best of themselves for those in need, day in, day out. VZW Zonnekamp asked us if we would be willing to sponsor them branded nametags and ofcourse we said yes. After two weeks, we delivered. 

They needed name tags in two versions, pinted on both sides in full colour. De cards did not include technologie or any other special options, but they had to be writeable with a permanent marker. As all our cards are laminated, this is ofcourse possible. 

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